Sunday, 17 November 2013

Turbo - Review

We have just got back from seeing Turbo at the cinema, Luckily for me cinema is now a must do thing for Leo and I as he was able to get a CEA card, which means I get to go in free, so films only cost me £6.25 for the both of us! Which is always a thumbs up, as we know how costly these films can be, at a adult at £8.95 per film ( Works out cheaper to wait for the movie and buy the dvd!)
We headed over to our cinema, which i happened to book line, which is also, nice being able to do - I remember when it took forever to book when it was 241 Wednesdays by Orange - Which i have noticed lots of cinemas allow you to book on line for that too! Yippie!
We got to the cinema, and got our tickets, and were a little annoyed that the cinema had ran out of boaster seats for the kids - Hello its the weekend! You offer the £1.50 tickets for family films along side normal kid films, yet don't have enough kids boaster seats! - That is not a good start, and all the staff say is " Sorry we have ran out, maybe you can get one half way through the film, when the others are coming out" - Oh yes.. that's what any parent wants, let alone a parent who has a child registered as disabled!
So other than that, the cinema for the 10.30 showing of Turbo was pretty much empty, heaps of free seats, Luckily we had timed it as 5mins late, and missed all the movie previews and it was just about starting - I hate sitting though the previews, Leo either become agitated or wants to see all of them, and goes on and on and on about them for weeks, we does not seem to get that they cost so much, and he cant possibly see everything - Or can he with the CEA card?

I am not going to go into to much detail about the movie, because I want you to go and view it yourself! I will say though that the preview for me, did not show the best of the film, there is so much more to this film, and there is funny bits throughout. During the film Leo turned to me and said " Thanks for bring me to this film mummy this is the best and funny isn't it" - This was a nice moment, because he normally gets bored, but armed with his popcorn and drink, he was in a new world of his own.

Rating - 5/5

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