Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tikkers kids cupcake watch TK0042 review

Tikkers Kids Cupcake watch £14.99 TK0042

 Along with the Items I am currently offering as a giveaway ( click here to view) Peers Hardy very kindly send this one too me too, which is stunning, and will look amazing on any little girls arm. Tikkers watch's are well made.
This watch has bright pink jelly feel to the straps and has many holes, which make it easier to apply to children. The case back of the watch is made from stainless steal. The watch face is very unique, and continues with the pink theame with a lovely yummy cupcake in the center with readable letters, making it easy for children to read.
I love the outter area of the watch, which has hearts all the way around it, making this watch and any kid really feel special and grown up, yet keeping it simple and child friendly!

comes in own package making it a really grown up gift for small people.

Fantastic Colour and well made.
Just wanted to show it off some more!

Some stores that sell Tikkers watch's are -  John Lewis, H Samuel, Debenhams

Rating 4.5/5 

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