Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Save The Blow Dry Shower Hat Review


I was sent a Save The Blow Dry shower hat for a review, which i really could not wait to try out, like all mums i am sick of having to jump in the shower and then spend forever trying to brush, dry and style my hair! - Having really long hair its even more annoying when i jump in and the tips get wet, even though i have tied it up, or the cheap nasty shower hat i bought soaks up moister leaving my hair looking greesy and damp.

I love the look of the shower hat, its very girly, pink and has pretty bows on the outter plastic. The inside has a micro cloth, which is how it keeps your hair looking fresh. The hat can also be reversed, so when you spoil your hair with a hair mask you can turn it inside out!


Fantastic Item £14.95

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Rating 5/5 

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