Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lush Christmas Bubble Bars

During the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing with you the amazing christmas goodies that Lush currently have online and in store!

I am a huge fan of Lush, the products are always well made, and fantastic for all ages and genders.

If you missed my post on the Bath Bombs you can read that buy clicking here!

The Christmas Penguin £3.95 each

 P-P-P Pop in a Penguin! This fun bubble bar is modelled on Little Penguins found on Philip Island, Australia – they’re the smallest penguins in the world!

 Crumble this fun fellow under running water for a bath scented with refreshing orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil and masses of white bubbles to build glaciers with! This bubble bar was inspired by the smallest penguins in the world, which are blue and from Philip Island in Australia.
If you fall in love with the Christmas Penguin then don’t worry, you can get The Olive Branch shower gel (prices start at £4.45 for 100g) all year through with the same exotic scent.

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Candy Mountain £2.65

 The fair trade vanilla absolute, sparkling snowflake lustre and creamy cornflour in Candy Mountain make bath time a sweet treat for big kids as well as little kids. We’ve included some of our bubble crumble mix which adds a magical pink mist to the peaks of foaming bubbles.Candy Mountain creates mounds of fluffy, fragrant, pearly white bubbles with a drift of pink. Crumble in your bath for a sugar sweet treat you won’t feel anounce of guilt for indulging in!

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Christmas Eve £2.95

This bubble bar was invented for those times when you are getting ready for a big event. Soak in a bath and relax in mountains of bubbles and rise with a hint of sensual jasmine fragrance lingering on your body.
Irish moss powder in this bar ensures that your skin feels smooth and soft whilst the essential oils will relax you and leave your mind and body calm and soothed. Crumble under a running tap and lie back amongst the masses of calming
jasmine and ylang ylang scented bubbles and blue bath water. Perfect to help calm excited minds enough to get a good night sleep. There’s also some Irish moss powder (a type of seaweed) in there to soften the skin and make the water silky.

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Magic Wand £4.95
A reusabubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam.
This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.Fairy princesses of all ages will love this great value re-usable bubble bar for up to ten bubble baths. Swish it around in the water for a skin softening, vanilla scented soak and a mound of candy bubbles. Then
pop it on the side for use another time … just like magic!

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Snow Fairy £4.95

The idea for Snow Fairy Sparkle came from Claire, our Covent Garden shop manager. She said that she loved the idea of covering people in glitter when giving shop demos – so this product is a bit like a massage bar with a super soft fondant centre, and lots and lots of sparkle! Snow Fairy fragranced sparkle in a bar! With a soft heart full of moisturising butters, oils and shimmering silver lustre to leave you smelling candy sweet and ready for your party dress. Smooth this bar over your arms and
shoulders for soft shimmering skin that catches the light as you flutter.

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