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Lush Body soaps

LUSH has been manufacturing luxury handmade soaps since the mid 1980s. In a deliberate move away from truly mass commercial soaps, LUSH has perfected the technique of making solid soap by hand using the “pouring” method. In 2007 Mo Constantine OBE helped to invent a palm oil free soap base –so not only are LUSH soaps not made with any animal fats, they also help to save the rain forests.

So Go on Give a Lush Treat to someone for christmas. 

Orange Jelly £3.40 for 100g

This soap is orange, pure and simple. It has freshly squeezed orange juice, Brazilian orange oil and even fresh slices of the stuff preserved in the top layer of carrageenan jelly.This soap is orange, pure and simple. It has freshly squeezed orangejuice, toning Brazilian orange oil and topped off with fresh orange slicespreserved in seaweed-based jelly. A summery uplifting scent, just what you need in the middle of winter!

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Noriko Soap £3.40 for 100g

A delicate, creamy soap dream to calm the mind and soothe your skin.
Noriko - Alcohol Free is now also available online. Named after its inventor this soap is made with Japanese-inspired ingredients like tofu, sake and rice. Delicate rose absolute and ylang ylang oil calm the stresses of the season while creamy tofu nourishes the skin. This soap’s floral notes and playful jelly float you into a colourful daydream far removed from the chilly winter weather.

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Angel's Delight £3.10 for 100g

One of Lush's Christmas bestsellers that returns year after year, a soap that is bursting with colour and a sweet fruity smell.A huge golden man on the moon sits framing this heavenly pink soap truckle, from which we cut you a lovely colourful slice. With bright blocks of colour and a shimmering gold lustre, this soap is sure to brighten up your bath or shower. This annual favourite is back with the same jelly baby scent that you know and love! Angel’s will swoon for all the pink sparkly stars and
moons that are embedded in this soap and it’s the tangerine and orange oils, along with blackcurrant that give it its yummy fragrance. These oils also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin.

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Mr Punch £3.75 for 100gs

Here we come a wassailing with lush's summer punch soap of juniper berries, gin, blackcurrant absolute and lime oil.What would happen if you left a bowl of punch from your summer garden party out on the lawn in the freezing winter?  Well, Mr Punch would happen, that’s what – a bowl of fruity punch frozen in time!  This soap certainly packs a punch with a concoction of fruity essential
oils to help fend off the winter cold – there’s cleansing juniperberry oil, blackcurrant absolute, uplifting lime oil and softening coconut oil …there’s even a dash of gin in there to help tone the skin, well it does look a bit like a punch bowl after all, there’s whole bits of fruit in there and everything!
Mr Punch - Alcohol Free is now also available online.

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SnowCake £3.25 for 100g

Another of Lush's Christmas bestsellers. This soft white soap smelling of marzipan and fruit has people rushing in to stock up as soon as we release our Christmas stock. We’d sell this all year, but then Christmas wouldn’t be so special. Made with a fragrance of rose absolute, cassis absolute and benzoin resin. A LUSH classic and bestseller, a slice of Snowcake smells just like the irresistible almond marzipan on the Christmas cake. Lather up with gorgeous rose absolute, that soothes dry, cracked winter skin, and berry scented cassie absolute. Your skin will be left softened and
beautifully scented.

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Snow Globe - £3.10 for 100g

A huge snowy dome of soap with an uplifting lemon myrtle and lemongrass fragrance – a soap that shakes things up a bit.Lush make this blue soap in a big dome shape and puts lots of balls of white soap in it, to look like a snow globe that’s just been shaken up. When Lush cut you a slice, it means that no matter where we go through with the knife, you’ll get an interesting slice – white, blue or a bit of both. Lemon myrtle, grapefruit oil and ylang ylang make this soap an invigorating choice for the depths of winter. The whole soap is in the shape of a snow globe, with white circles to imitate the snowflakes.

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