Friday, 15 November 2013

Light Swtich Timer Review

I was sent, a super cool light switch timer to review, which is a fantastic item from SwitchedOnProducts and retails for £27.99.

The idea for the Light Switch Timer came about after the team encountered problems, frantically looking for a last minute automatic lighting solution en-route to the airport. A subsequent online search upon his return revealed that there were no easy-install automatic light switches available to the UK market.
Now, available online or through stores across the country, this unique, market-leading automatic light switch timer can be installed and programmed by anyone, without an electrician or any electrical knowledge.

The product was officially launched at The Gadget Show Live 1st to 3rd November 2013.

-Special Launch price of £27.99 on-line

 Buy 2 and save an additional 10% and free postage with code:  Lights-on expires (18th November) 

The Light Switch Timer is a simple and easy way for individuals to programme their existing main home lights. Like a timer plug except for your Light Switch.
Locking doors and leaving a light on a timer are always the top two pieces of advice from Police and security experts to avoid being burgled. Our new and unique Light Switch Timer makes acting on this expert advice easy.
The Light Switch Timer offers significant advantage over existing solutions available on the market for controlling your home lights.
• It controls your existing 1,2 or 3 gang home light switch and works with any type of bulbs including energy saving bulbs, CFL's and LED’s
• Installs in under 30 seconds by fitting over your light switch, requiring no wiring as it is battery operated (and no complex configuration or smart phone to use)
• Is perfect for when people are away on holiday, out late, and for the long dark winter months to provide added security and peace of mind whilst also helping to save money on energy bills
Review - 
Bigger than I thought it was going to be, simple to use and while i was away, it turned the lights on with out me worrying about it / How do i know this.. well I asked my mum to check for me. Which is great, as i have had someone try to brake into my flat while i was here - which is very scary and id hate to come home and find some weirdo inside! - This is a safer option, to make people think I am home, even when i am not. 
Rating - 5/5

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