Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Barratts Shoes for All ages!

I was asked Back in September by Barratts to review some Shoes from them, which off course I jumped at the chance to. Having bought from them before, when I lived in Aylesbury, and I used to shop in Milton Keynes. I wanted to really test these items out, and give you a honest review. As with most company's the shoes seem fine for the first few times of wearing them. However Barratts seem to last!

Having moved I had not shopped there for a while, or even looked at their website, which i must say is very well layed out. The price's on the items also seem far to good to be true!
Barratts offer a range of Shoes to Men, Women and off course children. However they also offer, Bags, Accessories and gifts.

Barratts have many store's across the Uk.

As its now Autumn I picked out some much needed wellys for Leo and Myself which I could not wait to try. Being a Huge fan of Sketchers I also picked a nice pair to show off!

They all came very well packaged, and didn't take long to come at all, they were all made of good quality, and are still going strong now, with a lot of use of them, and wet weather!

Rating 5/5

Click here to go to Barratts Website

Wide Fit Wellington £12

Skechers Suedue Ankle Boots £65

Plain Wellington Boot £10                                                                                                                                                        

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