Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New super fruit Baobab Review

Markettiers4dc sent me another great item to try out. The new super Fruit Baobab.

The Eden Project  are helping people in Malawi to build a sustainable future by using the wonderful baobab fruit they harvest in the baobab fruit powder.Baobab is from Africa and can live for thousands of years. It can be used for food, shelter and medicine for humans and other animals. Its velvety green fruits grow from huge waxy white flowers that are pollinated by bats and when ripe, contain smooth black seeds covered in a pale powder that tastes sharp and tangy. Boabab fruit produce's more vitamin c than six oranges, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and provides a amazing 50% of the recommended daily intake of fibre.

Baobab week logo

Baobab also come in poweder form - which is what i got to try, but The Eden Project also offer it in Hand cream and Chocolate. Click here to view the range.


I cheated when i tried this, i put a aunt bessies crumble in the oven, and then took it out served and sprinkled and mixed in the Baobab. Leos not a fan of crumble so i only gave him a small bit to try. He wasnt too keen on it. 
Have to say that the Baobab mixed well with the winter crumble which was apple, saltarners and rhubarb. The Baobab had a stong taste, its hard to describe like citrus but it blended well with my aunt bessies, and its a good way to hide it.

You can also add Baobab to a range of other items like, soup, stew, curry's , flat jacks, pancakes ect.

 rating 4.5/5

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