Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tesco Club Card Christmas Boost campaign

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Those of you who have a Tesco's Club Card, All ready know that you can have some great deals, and save lots of money. Now Tesco's has come up with a way to save even more money!
The Tesco Christmas Boost Campaign, this is where you can boost £5 by making it £10 - just like the Tesco voucher exchange. Whats more exsiting, is that you can use this In store, as well as online!

Clubcard_Boost_infographic icon-5-10.jpg
You can exchange your Clubcard vouchers for Christmas Boost at Tesco tokens up until 20th Dec. You must use your Christmas Boost tokens before 31st Dec You can also access your Boost tokens by logging into My Clubcard Account going to My Boost at Tesco.

My Wishlist- 
Toy Story 12" Talking woody

Wood tv cabinet up to 32"

Razor Spark Scooter

Colgate ProClinicalC600

*In return for posting this, Tesco has offered to send me one of my wishlist items.

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