Saturday, 26 October 2013

Elegant Touch Twinkle Twinkle Nail Review!

RRP- £5-£7
Those who know me, know that I love to get all glamed up, having spent the last few years having gel nails after a friend and I went for a girls day, followed by a night out some years ago. I have never looked back.
I was very sad when I started working in a school, as it meant a end to my long glittery nails!

However now that side of my life has currently ended, I am now self employed, lady of leisure so can glam my self up as much as I like.

I saw these and automatically fell inlove, and could not wait to try these and review!

These come with a sticky tab, which is meant to last 1 week, however i applied these with nail glue, mainly because i was not sure how long the tab will hold, and its extremely embarrassing if your nails fall off!

Applying was very easy and simple, didn't need any instructions, just get the nail to fit your nail shape, and stick on.

Once applied i found the length was good, and the nails look great.

However I did not like the fact that the nails felt a bit rough from the glitter texture, but that may because i am used to my nails being super smooth and the glitter being placed inside my gel nails. They were not rough or sharp on the edge.

Sadly for me, i did not keep them on long, because it always makes me feel a bit sick when i have stick on type of nails , instead of the gels..

These will be amazing for those of you who do not mind the stick on feel, or need a qwick set of nails at a low cost!

These will be amazing for Xmas!

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