Monday, 9 September 2013

Sudocrem Care & Protect - WIN

Sudocrem, sent me their new product Care & Protect , Care & Protect is an innovative nappy rash ointment, designed specifically for babies and it offers TRIPLE PROTECTION against the causes of nappy rash. - However I found that this cream is also very good for my 8yr old son, who gets very dry skin, and rash's where his clothing has rubbed, or on the backs of his legs.

Creates a protective barrier

Sudocrem Care & Protect is specially formulated to provide a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple, whilst protecting even the most delicate skin against external irritants and rubbing that can cause nappy rash.

Conditions the skin

Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 help to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised. And that means your baby’s skin is in the best possible condition to fight off the threat of nappy rash.

Guards against infection

As well as sealing in the good stuff, Sudocrem Care & Protect acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin from the bad stuff, like the chemicals in urine and poo, and from chafing and rubbing.
Because Sudocrem Care & Protect is just for your baby, it is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. It is also free from artificial colours and preservatives. The ingredients used are all designed to do just one job: care and protect that beautiful baby skin against nappy rash!

How To Apply - 

Using clean, dry hands apply to clean, dry skin and gently spread the barrier ointment evenly to form a thin protective layer. Sudocrem Care & Protect is easy to apply because it spreads effortlessly without causing undue stress to baby skin.  Use at every nappy change to give your baby’s skin the best defence against uncomfortable nappy rash.
The pack has been designed to save you precious time. A hinged flip-top gives quick, mess-free access to the ointment using just one hand, with no stray screw-caps tempting baby fingers to play with what they shouldn’t. And no searching for dropped caps in nappies, rugs and blankets.
We listened to mums complain about metal tubes which they said often split and leaked, so our tubes are made of soft, pliable plastic  and we’ve even rounded the corners to remove sharp edges.
This design also makes Sudocrem Care & Protect the perfect portable nappy rash ointment as nappy bags, coat pockets and buggy baskets will stay free from at least one source of unplanned mess.
In the unlikely event that you think your baby’s skin has reacted badly after using the product, discontinue use and see your GP or pharmacist for advice.

We need the Sudocrem community to help us name the product’s cute new kangaroo mascot. Sudocrem Care & Protect is calling its Facebook community to come up with a name in a two stage competition.
The first half will ask users to submit their ideas for the mascot’s name to a Facebook based application. Two shortlisted names will then be selected by Sudocrem and the two entrants who put forward those names will be awarded a £1,000 voucher each to spend on a cottage holiday in the UK (through
The second half will ask users to vote for one of two names from the shortlist to be the new mascot’s name. Every person who votes in this competition will be entered into a draw to win a Family Merlin Pass!

Click here to view Sudocrem's facebook and enter! 

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