Monday, 2 September 2013

Disney Planes Review

Today I went to the cinema, seeing as its now the last week of summer, Leo had earned some stars so I thought it would be a nice treat to take him to the cinema. Normally on a Monday i would use my local papers cinema card, which on Monday's it gives me 241. However me being me, i have happened to miss- place this.

So upon getting there and emptying out my bag, to find its not there, and being late for the normal 2d show, I then choose that 3hrs was far to long to wait for the next 2d show, and that the nearest show happened to be a 3d show just 20mins later.

I bought my tickets which happened to cost me £17.00 just for one adult and one child ( Note to self, must by the CEA card, to get half price any time! - I also had to pay £1.00 for each pair of 3d glass's as I do not own a pair - last time I saw 3d they where all free and in a massive bucket!

Once we got into the  cinema, there was only a hand full of people in there, and as always i had made sure i book a isle seat as leo gets up many times for the loo ( even when he does not actually need it). The taster films started , however it seemed that whoever it was had not turned the screen on as there was the sound to all the new films but no picture! - After 3 people had complained it was finally turned on just before the film started!

Once the film started it had you hooked from the word go with little rusty racing around the filed in a world of his own, it was obvious from the word go that it may get repetitive, as lets face it there is not too much that planes can do..

The film had a good story line, aswell as other story lines, and some funny parts.

Over all it was a good family film, I'm not sure it was worth the £17.00 I paid.

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