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Gerry Cottle's " WOW!" Circus Review

I was very happy when I was offered some tickets on Saturday the 13th July 2013, to go and see Gerry Cottle's Wow! Circus show. 

Garry Cottle first saw his first circus back when he was 8years old. Later he ran away with the Circus to become a all round performer by doing juggling, stilt walking, fair eater, magician to then becoming the circus boss. He has gone on to be named one of the five principal showmen who have shaped the circus industry. Having worked on his own shows " The Moscow State Circus" and "The Chinese State Circus", when he retired and settled with his family in The Wookey Hole Caves and Paper Mill complex in Somerset, it was obvious for Gerry Cottle and his son in- law Willie Ramsay to set up Wookey Hole Circus school, which has over 40 Wookey Hole local children including his own daughter Polly ,her son Whistle, daughter Beau and granddaughter Ellen , all of which train three evenings a week after school, and perform shows during weekends and school holidays.
Garry Cottle, is trying to inspire people to enjoy the circus at an affordable price.

The Wow Circus show features -
  • Magical MELVILLES:International Illusionists
  • BIPPO, BEN + OLYMPIA:Cottle’s Crazy Comics
  • SIX ON SILKS:Big Top Beauties
  • WIZARDS ON WHEELS:10 on One Bike
I arrived at Banksome at about 4.30pm as requested to pick up my tickets for the show, there is no set seating at the event, other than where you pay for ie ringside. Luckily for me, I got to sit in the ringside area, which is the ring of seats around the stage, which is in the round.

It was very hot and it was 33 degrees at 5pm, for some people this may of been just too hot, to attend a wonderful show, however many braved the conditions, and attended the show. Which to me beats attending the beach. - This was ideal as its covered up for Leo, as he has a rare skin condition called vitiligo, which limits him from doing most normal things, as he has to keep out of the sun, and wear suncream all year round, as well as a hat and sun glass's which is hard for a nearly 8year old. 

It was my step dads birthday so this was his birthday treat from me to him. I Also took along my mum who has a range of health issues and my sister who has ADHD and off course my son Leo, who is currently under assessment for his disability's. 

Knowing what my sister and Leo are like I was pretty worried about attending this event, which I know allot of other parents are when they have difficult children who are normally not seen as the " Norm", However i have to say that things ran very smoothly and both of them were very well behaved, and said they really enjoyed the show.

Once I collected our tickets we headed in over the nice warm grassy land, into the first tent, in which you where meet with the drinks van, popcorn and candyfloss, all yummy things you would expect to see at the circus. As we made our way into the next tent we where greeted and shown to our seats. We sat down 2 seats back from the front. There were a family in front of us and one next to us which had younger children and a couple with a baby (which was nice, as you do not see young children at events like this often). 
 There was wonderful lighting and a ready set stage. There where people selling the children light up toys such as swords. These were £5 and it seemed that a lot of people bought these, however not having a lot of cash on me, and un sure weather Leo would want a drink I did not get him one. 

The show then started and the amazing set of costumes appeared, the make up was very good and the entertainment better, all very well timed with the music- which most was done via a very talented lady, who sang to the backing track while performances took place. Everyone in the room seemed to enjoy the show, and could not take there eyes off all the acts that took part in the show. All the Children and Adults just seemed to sit back, join in and love the show ( Even though the heat was very unbearable

I would of loved to get more pictures for you, but there was not a announcement to say if this way allowed and on the entry door it said that it was prohibited  However I noticed a few people filming in the show ( But i did not want to get into any trouble) - I managed to get a photo of my favourite act- Two brothers that span around and walked around the outside, of what Leo calls a giant hamster wheel!  It really is A MUST SEE! 

The show had a brake for 15mins in which gave them time to set up the next half and gave the actors a brake (Which they very much needed, as the whole circus is done with nearly everyone on stage all the time) and With the weather being so hot, I am surprised they were still able to give a amazing show, and that no acts where cancelled. We bought a few bottle of water a a price tag of £1.50 each , while the coke was only selling for £1, however the price did not put us off. I guess because it was so hot, there really was more demand for a nice cold bottle of water! 
Me, Leo, My Stepdad

My Sister, And my Mum
After the show, the entertainers where handing out stickers to the children.

This really was a amazing show, for any age, and one with disability's would also be welcome here and would very much enjoy it! 

rating 5/5

Tour dates :- 

Bournemouth Branksome - 14-22nd July
Glyn Gap Hastings - 25th-30th July 
Princes Park Eastbourne - 1st- 6th August

Book Online Now:Ticketmaster

Booking Line:

0845 835 50 50

*I was given 5 free tickets, to review this event, this is my honest review. 
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