Monday, 15 July 2013

FatPhRocks Wingz Review

I was sent some amazing Wingz, by Michelle Ellis who is the owner, part time mum, part time fashion designer, part time inventor.
Michelle is known for her creative ability and has appeared in the final of “This Morning” Mumpreneur competition on ITV. On this occasion it was an invention for babies but more recently she has been busy designing and developing a brand new clothing concept called ‘Wingz’, She even went to the Dragons Den!

Wingz are worn as an under garment. They comfortably fit under the bust and follow your bra line around the back. This means you can wear your Wingz with any back or neckline! The body of the Wingz are elasticated, soft and do not move around, ensuring ease of wear. As Wingz do not add another layer to your outfit you can be assured of a cool comfortable wear. Wingz push for style,comfort and confidence in the wearer. It's time to ditch those cardigans!

Wingz™ are available in four sizes.
The four sizes encompass the UK sizes 6 to 28, US sizes 4 to 26, and Euro sizes 34 to 56.
Wingz™ are elastic and stretchy (using different methods dependant on design) on both the under bust band and the shoulder hems.
Wingz™ provides sleeves of different lengths and styles for the wearer without a full body of fabric.

Wingz are exclusive to Fatphrocks, the design is registered to Michelle so you won’t find them anywhere else. Wingz are worn under a garment that is fitting the top of the woman’s body (an undergarment with sleeves).

 FatPhrocks are  based in Leeds in the UK and everything at FatPhrocks begins and ends with their customers. They are a group of Tall, plus size women who love to shop, and there fore know exactly what a girl needs from her clothing.
The design starts with the plus size figure in mind, not a standard size made larger. The dresses are made in very small quantities ... This makes each dress very exclusive, without the expensive price tag.

When the item arrived, it was in bright purple packaging, wrapped well, the items themselves are very light, and very well made. The fabric feels luxurious and does not feel clingy when one. 

I wanted to show you 2 looks with the same vest top. 

Boring Front view on vest top

Boring Back View of vest top
I first opened the day Wingz, which I would use for work, date, meal out, shopping, trip to the park. This was very light, well made, had lots of stretch. It just goes over your head as if your putting on a t-shirt and sits just under the wire of your bra. Once I had put the tshirt on I was amazed at how good it looked. It just felt like i had on a long sleeved t-shirt, but much cooler and lighter. 

wearing the day Wingz and black bra.

Wearing the vest top and Wingz

Back of vest top and wingz

I was also sent the amazing night time Wingz, which had some lovely black beading details, again this was very easy to wear, very light, well made and felt amazing and floaty once on. Again making a brand new fantastic look. These I would have in many colours and hide in my back, then if i had a date, i could just pop and meet them on my lunch brake, or after work without having to run home and change first! 

Beading on the top.
Wingz and bra

Overall, these really are worth having. The price of the Wingz depend on the style you go for, however these really are a must have! 

rating 5/5

*I was sent these to review honestly on my blog, and this is my view. 

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  1. I am soooo happy you liked them! Thanks for the great review x Michelle Ellis@Wingzfashion

  2. Wow! What a great idea...I haven't seen them before! How clever x


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