Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dairylea New Flavours Review!

I was super existed when Dairylea sent me the new Yummy Flavours to try out! Having been a fan of Dairylea for a while and loving my Dairylea and ham sandwich's i could not get enough of this! I opened up my parcel to find all of the above, and I am not going to lie, the fruity pineapple did not seem tempting to me, but i gave it ago, and my son could not wait to try it as pineapple is his favourite fruit. However we are both still unsure if we like it, so will will buy a pack and try again!

We moved on to the Mighty Mature, which we both loved, we are both strong cheese lovers and this is stronger than the normal Dairylea but not so strong that it blows your socks off! Very tasty.

Love the Design.

Mighty Mature, Good amount of Ritz would love more though!

Mighty Mature Thick, Creamy and tasty

Each individual 46g pack of Fruity Pineapple Dairylea contains 134 calories, 7.2g of fat (of which 4.1g saturates), 5g of sugars and 0.6g of salt. The figures are similar for the Mighty Mature cheese dip - 140 calories, 7.6g of fat (of which 4.4g saturates), 4.1g of sugars and 0.6g of salt. The packaging says that they are made with all natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

RRP : £2 for 4 x 46g

rating 4.5/5

Again, we loved the super large pot of Mighty Mature, and will love it on bread, with ham just like the "normal" Dairylea. My son was not so keen on the springy onion one, however it went very well on a jacket potato with cheese, and would also taste lovey in skins :) 

The Springy Onion is made with real spring onions and contains 54 calories, 1.3g of sugar, 3.9g of fat (of which 2.6g saturates) and 0.5g salt per 25g serving. The Mighty Mature contains 63% cheese, giving it the highest cheddar content of any cheese spread on the market, and a 25g serving contains 72 calories, 1.9g sugar, 5.2g fat (of which 3.4g saturates) and 0.4g salt.

RRP : £1.36 for 160g
rating 4.5/5
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*I was sent these FREE to review on my blog and give a honest opinion 
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