Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sudocrem research shows boys exaggerate more than girls.

I was sent some info from Sudocrem which ran a research for Sudocrem's new Tv Advert, which happens to show that Boys exaggerate more than Girls.
Having worked in a school, I am not sure how true this really is. Although i have a son who is 8 in September, he is always falling over, hurting himself, never crying ( Unless its really bad) and never seems to show off his scares. Maybe this is because he has a body/skin issue due to his Virtiligo i dunno.
Now back to work. Having looked after the little kiddies age 4-10 everyday for the last year, I have picked up that girls seem to want more attention, showing off their cuts, one example is a little girl age 5 who happened to fall down in morning play ( Normally the teachers and TA's go out with the children around 10am for 30mins) during this time, this girl must have fallen down, gone to get it checked out and registered, had a plaster put in place. By lunchtine, 12pm the girl had eaten her lunch and all seemed fine, yet soon as we start putting our coats on to go out at 12.30 she starts to play with her plaster.. resulting to it coming off in the playground 10 mins later. Rushing over to tell me. I then tell her its fine and does not need re covering. However 5mins later, shes rushed over by another lunchtime lady, holding her hand, while she is crying. I then need to tell the other lunchtime lady that this is not new, and happened this morning. To which the little girl then stops crying...

The boys however, rush around, fall over and pick themselves up.

Here is Sudocrem's press release - what do you think?


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