Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Learning Resources Shelby's shack Review - WIN

I was sent this fun game from Blog-Match and Learning Resources called Shelby's shack.

Shelby needs help finding her buried bones! This unique counting game encourages players to spin the first spinner to determine play then spin the second spinner to see how many bones they collect using the Shelby Squeezers. The player with the most bones at the end of the game wins. Develops number, counting & fine motor skills and is suitable for children ages 4+!  


Although Leo is 8 this year, he is behind and this game is something he loves, he loves animals and something that will get his brain to work, this is what this game does. He has to think in order to use Shelby to collect the bones of the beach and make sure the spinner does indeed tell him he can collect them. The spinner may tell you to lose a turn, or collect bones from other players!
This game is simple, easy to use and does not take alot of time to set up. It could be used when going on holiday.

rating 5/5      price £23.94


Learning Resources are offering 5 people the chance to win Shelby's Shack you can do that by clicking here - GoodLuck

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