Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Deli 24 review

I was sent some Deli 24 snacks to try out, and share my thoughts and views. After they had finally arrived, I could not wait to drive in and try them. However I think my Stepdad, son and Brother also thought the same.

The Box arrived in the post and i was sadly away that night, so my mum, not knowing what was inside, as i had told her i was waiting on chocs to be sent to me, assumed that these were then. In the morning, my mum noticed that the box has started leaking ( Not a good start), when i returned i opened the box up to find a huge stash of Deli 24, which was still cool inside, thanks to the good packaging by Deli 24!

I opened them up and found lots of yummy flavors of cheese and ham, Pepperoni and cheese, sweet chilli and cheese too chorizo and gouda cheese. These little treats are very much like cheese strings.

Sadly for me, everytime I was around to take a picture, everyone had eaten these little beauties so they really had gone down a treat,and something my family and I will be buying again!

rating 5/5

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