Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rant on Tea Towels

This is a ramdom post, but I am getting really fead up with tea towls..

I hate having spent ages washing up to find that when I dry my items, even if I have bought a cheap tea towel from primark, just because it has cupcakes on it, or the fact that I spend £20 on a tea towel in the hope that it will be better, I still find that it leaves fluff and comes apart when I dry up, resulting in hairy fluff all over the stupid plates and cups! - Not nice when your dishing up dinner or wanting a drink.

So because of this horrible nastyness and having had enough fluff in my mouth when drinking a drink of water, I am now resulted to Kitchen Roll! - Although this is another of my pet hates due to the fact that it takes forever to dry anything. Luckily though i have not had a issue of it getting stuck to the plates or cups, which is a bonus.

How many of you are sick of this issue too?

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