Thursday, 9 May 2013

online dating saga

As many of you are aware durring the last year or so I have been on dating websites, been the fave of one and been on a few dates. However a few things keep coming up not just to me but with other women too.

I asked myself are then on these websites genuine or are they just full of sad pathetic liers who simply love and crave attention so much so that they make up names and stories in the hope they do not get found out?

I have paid for dating websites thinking they will have people on the site who are genuine and looking for love to find im getting sent messages saying "fuck me bet your good at tit wanks" Iean coming from a little boy I wouldnt batter a eyelid but coming from some old wrinkly 56yr old rather makes it a little more annoying.

Yeah Yeah I hear people make excuses for these weridos all the time saying men are behind... is this really a worthy excuse too use for some prat trying to please his manhood?

During the last few years on many of the sites I have used I have meet some odd people. People in which I really thought I was getting to know....

So let me tell you about some the men I have dated (names have been changed)

Lied about his age and said was 28 when was really 16 (just looked older) claimed he was single when he had a girlfriend and baby on way.

Was 39yrs old and his problem was he had to be home by 11 and kept calling his mum (or so I was told)

When we meet talked about his daughter all time however after a few dates went quite. After 2 months re appeared said his daughter had died. Later that week I went over to his there was sorry cards, he forced himself to cry... I offered to go to funeral with him. Luckily for me something felt wrong so a friend messaged him on his date site and he told her he spent weekend qoth him daughter. .. I messaged hos ex wife to find out this story as a normal one he had used before and not only that but he was married. ..

Meet a few times turned out to be a dad at leos school.. however after 2 weeks kept telling me he was playing with himself and wanted dirty pics.

Worked in the hospital meet for drinka many times we seemed to get on well then afyer 3 weeks kwpt trying to get a invite to come over.. once I told him im not interested and I think he still loved his ex he told me he wanted to be friends (guys way of saying im just not that into you or want to  talk again)

That is just a small selection of the men I have meet online. This got me thinking are we really safe when meet someone online??

I read somewhere about something (cant remember name but ill be back to post) about how abused women and men  can find out their partners past if the social services and police think its relevant and could effect you. Ideally for this this would be a fantastic idea but why limet it too people who are abused?

I for one would of loved to have known my past boyfriend s and protential dates pasts to have known what I was getting myself into. I do not feel its right to allow people to be able to hide from thier pasts and potentially repeat the experience s.

Having been in bad relationships where police have been involved and alot of stress pain and terror have occurred knowing the full background of someone can limit this. I have expeienced fake names which too is something that happwns alot and I personally think that something needs to be done about this.

What I do not understand how thoes who are in trouble with police or have been or even been inside are then protected and potentially putting others at risk. I no someone who is a high danger to people around them yet are free to live a normal life under a new name.. thwy have been in press and been in and out of jail yet still  free to do as he pleases and prays on girls online under a fake name!!

Does these sites let you abuse them and do as you please. Is it alllowing predators to use the site.

I am on one website where if I send in a image of myself I then get told my profile has been  marked a high rating due to my looks and that my profile will be featured first. Is this thway society is? How would you feel being told you were rated low because of your looks? Come on people this is not right!

I am sick of the way people treat you online and some of the horrible things they right.. I mean come on do you really think questions like "how bog are your tits" "I wanto fuck you" and "my cock is so hard right now" are appropriate conversation atarters??

Whats your views?

*sorry no spell check was used, will be back to sort it once not on phone.

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