Sunday, 12 May 2013

Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting toy

I was sent to review a amazing Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting toy which has a retail price of £29.99.

The product was much larger than I thought it was as Iorn Man's legs are not attached in the box, you simply clip them one once you get him out making him a big 38cm tall.

As soon as this arrived Leo could not wait to get him out, so much so that I was unable to get a picture of him un boxing it, it was simple and very easy that he managed to get it out on his own (which is always a added bonus, as i hate taking forever trying to get toys out of the packaging or having to use scissors.)

Once out leo could not wait to play with him and check out all of his features. We noticed (not being a big instructions girl) that there was a need for 3 AAA batteries, which required you to have a screwdriver ( something I personally do not own) , So this was out of the question for us at this stage.

Never the less leo was going to have fun with this toy, in no time at all he found out how to shoot the motorized rotating missile blaster that fires five projectiles, and luckily comes with 5 more incase like us, manage to lose them, and the carpet seem to eat it.

Whats more is that if your child does decide to aim the missiles at you they do not hurt ( Like Leo he simply thinks its fine and not dangerous to do this, which he does get told off about many times)

 Rating - 4.5/5

* I was sent to review this as part of the Markettiers4dc parenting Broadcast Blogger NetWork. 

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