Monday, 27 May 2013

Children with married parents are less likely to be obese

I Just stumbled upon this on the Daily Mails website, I was pretty shocked that people are now coming up with this conclusion.
I would like to know where the evidence is of this, and also are these the rates for the UK or USA? We all know the USA are more Obese due to the huge amounts the offer in restaurants and the size of there portions. 

Is it really something people can put on the parents of the children? - Your child is obese there for its your fault because of a marriage brake down. I mean come on.. Like that would stand up in a court battle between the parents! 

What are your views on this?

"Children with married parents are less likely to be obese, according to new research.
American scientists found that children who live with cohabiting parents are twice as likely to be obese as those with married parents.
The research, by Rice University in Houston and the University of Houston, shows that children living in a traditional two parent married household have a 17 per cent chance of obesity.
In contrast, children living with cohabitating parents have a 31 per cent chance of obesity.
‘Childhood obesity is a significant public health issue in our country, with nearly one third of all U.S. children aged two to 17 overweight or obese,’ said Dr Rachel Kimbro, study co-author and associate professor of sociology at Rice University.
‘Despite this, very little research has been conducted to explore the impact of family structure on this epidemic.’
The researchers also found that 29 per cent of children who live with an adult relative are obese, 23 per cent of those living with a single mother are obese, and that 23 per cent of those who live with a cohabiting stepparent are overweight.
The findings held true even after the researchers accounted for factors associated with childhood obesity, including diet, physical activity and socio-economic status."

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