Saturday, 13 April 2013

Walkers WholeGrain Hoops And Crosses Review

I recently entered on NetMums to trial out the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses crisps, as they looked fun and something worth trying. Lets be honest who does not love a freebie?

I did not know I had been chosen, and due to being un well i did not get the package when it first turned up so had to get it re sent out to me ( Long story my local post office is not open after 1.15 all week, so when the post man comes at 10am and leaves do not collect for 4hrs, its pretty much in possible to get it, unless get it at a weekend, which envolves me getting 2 bus's)

On the up side, these came this morning after I had arranged it and what a supprise.

I peeled open the big box, which felt very light to find not 1 packet of these but 2, containing 6 packets each! Not only that but i get to try out 2 of the 3 flavours!

The Packaging its self is the same as all walkers packs, its not something that for me would really stand out on the shelf. Again the back contains all the use full info -
No artificial colours or preservatives
Suitable for vegetarians
Source of fibre
Source of wholegrain
30% less fat
85 calories per bag

Nice size pack, clear writing.

fun hoops and cross's on back, and info, layout is neat and readable.  
great size

Overall I found these to be very fun. They will suit kids and would be a hit for pack lunch's. Taste wise they remind me of wotsits but with a little kick.

Down side to these and the fact that i work in a school as a midday supervisor is that the kids are more likely to play with these and not eat them. This may also distract them from eating there lunch in the time they have. However I may be proved wrong, we will see when they hit the class rooms!

Price £1.79 bag of 6 - does seem pretty steep to me, but would buy if there was offers on like 2 for £2.50 or something. 

* please not I was sent these to review via Netmums from Walkers to give a honest product review.

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