Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Next strawberries and cream room diffuser

I headed into my Local Next Home wears store on the look out for some sort of room diffuser, as i love my plug in and room scents.

Don't you just love it when you walk into a room and the whole room smells amazing, just makes you feel so comfy and happy.

I wanted something different as i normally only have vanilla scented anything, as its my most favourite scent there is. I have not bought any from next before so this was my first time smelling there range.

Next offer a range of scents but none of them where really me, and sorry to say it, the vanilla one they had on offer, was not my cup of tea.

However I found this little gem hidden on a self away from the room diffusers and I feel in love from the moment i smelt it.

Strawberries and Cream, It is heading up to summer, so this is prefect for the hot weather, it smells just like those little round candy sweets you used to be able to buy. I love the packaging even though it has nothing to do with strawberries or cream. The smell is amazing, but not too in your face that you would feel as if it is over powering the room, its just sweet fresh mouth watering smell.

I love to put mine in the bathroom and when i open the bathroom door for it to smell lush, clean and inviting. Nothing worse then dreading going into a room. There is also no need for me to use air freshener anymore, I just let the scent fill the room.

Whats more these little beauty's didn't set me back to much, only cost me £5 each! There is also a multi pack of room diffuser's on offer which had 4 scents, this one vanilla, and two others which i can not think of or find on the website, they were priced £12 Bargain!

I struggled getting the plug out of the bottle itself, but i love the sizeyou are getting 60ml and 7 fragrance sticks. The ,man in the store even told me that your meant to use the dipped end and place the end that was in the scent outside and rotate them, Something which most people may not be awear of.

I would love the sticks to be a pink colour or something other than wood, would also love for the pot its self to be different so i could show it off and it look pretty on the table. Cant have it all though.

I am unable to find this product online so I think is only in the store's which is a shame.

click here to see Next's website

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