Friday, 26 April 2013

nature-themed challenge

Tots100 currently have a competition on working with Centre Parks, Click here to find out more.

As a family we are very back to natural and my mum has many chickens and owns the website HannaHens , which is named after my sister.  We have Rare Breed Chickens - Gauloise (white) and Minorcan (black)  both cream/white egg layers. We have either eating or hatching eggs available to us.
 All The Chickens we hatched ourselfs, and we keep the ones for hatching with females away from the ones we use for eating eggs.
Fertilized Egg
Just hatched chicken

The good thing about having chickens is the fact that you no where your eggs come from, and the fact they lay pretty much daily. They recycle food and yard waste, therefore keeping it out of landfills as it composts into an invaluable organic soil builder for your garden. The idea is that you feed your chickens kitchen scraps, they poop out a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and you compost it with leaves and other untreated yard waste.
In fact, in Belgium, one city is actually giving three laying hens to 2,000 homes in an effort to reduce landfill costs. City officials expect to recover a significant portion of the $600,000 a year the city spends on dealing with this type of household "trash." According to Foreman, a single chicken can biorecycle about seven pounds of food residuals in a month. If just 2,000 households raise three hens, it could divert 252 tons of waste from landfills annually.
Chickens love to eat protein-packed insects,They also love to eat many weeds, and serve as post-harvest garden bed gleaners, potentially making your work as a gardener very, very easy.

As well as keeping chickens we have been helping out our neighbours digging up the fount bit of our flats (with the landlords consent) We have pulled out all the grass and weeds and cut back the flower beds, re soiled it and planted new seeds for the grass to grow.

Leo and I also grow tomatoes inside, which i sadly do not have a image of, however, looking on google maps, and low and behold there has been a recent image which shows the plant in my window! Thanks google maps!

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