Friday, 26 April 2013

Bathshop321 dream bathroom

I would love the chance to design a new bathroom from Bathshop321, because my bathroom is old and the bath has chips on it from the previous owners :(

Ideally i would love the whole room to feel more spacious and not dark and gloomy like it is at the moment.

BathRoom Shop have a good range of Suits to buy for very low prices, I have to pick the

Salisbury Bathroom Suite RRP £799.00 SALE PRICE £389.00

Salisbury Bathroom Suite With 1700 x 700mm Bath

 Click here to View

However I also would love to put this corner bath into the corner to allow some more room in there, as at the moment everything is squeezed in and its not got enough room for any storage.

I would add this toilet to hide the nasty pipes that are currently on display and make it look alot more sleek. 

Sorea Toilet inc. Toilet Seat

I would love to add this high gloss red wash basin to add a splash of colour and make it the main feature in the bathroom 

I would love to spend the £500 on some paint just to make the whole place feel new. I would also buy these speeckers to play music to so when i have a nice bath or a shower in the morning, it will kick start my day.

I would Also add this fun funky mirror , to help reflect the light i do have in there, and to add a touch of glamour. `

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