Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I stumbled on the tesco clubcard website, as i was rather confused about my points, having a tesco mobile i was not sure the points were being added, so headed online to check it out.

I have not been on the site before, and if your new to it too, its worth checking out, there is some great rewards on the site, in which you can use your club card vouchers towards some that I will be looking into come voucher time in may is the £5 tesco club card - £20 papa johns voucher, also i will be very interested in the £10 club card voucher - £30 Butlins rewards!

As well as the rewards, you are able to see how many club card vouchers you have had issued over the past 2 years, and also how many of them you have spent, which means, you can make sure, if you have not lost any, or order the ones you have missed.

Also online you are able to see how many points you have made each shop, and how many you have made so far. For me I have all ready made £5 worth, there is also a full details of any vouchers you have used during the shop. You are also able to pint out the coupons if you miss place them.

Now this is the big news and a FREEBIE for ALL CLUB CARD HOLDERS.

Tesco have teamed up with Blinkbox to offer you a special site, to enable you to watch movies and tv shows free. I am sure the movies are not current ones, as i have only just signed up to the site, however always gives you something new to watch if like me have watched nearly everything on LOVEFILM.


*I do not work for tesco, nor have I been asked to review this, I just thought would be nice to let others know about it, who like me may not have been to there website before and may of missed this offer!


  1. this sounds promising! i love a freebie - not too bothered if the movies are not new, netflix doesnt even have new ones anyway! so will check this out this evening, i hope it is good and no strings attached to it

    1. Does not look like any strings are I signed up and got in the all do look old movies which may be ok. Also the only way is essex was on there so might have some new stuff... let me know how you get on.


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