Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bournemouth Echo Child of the year Review

Back in 2012 I entered Leo into Bournemouth Echo child of the year contenst.

Entry its self was simple, by the paper which contained the entry slip so 30p , which was just to get as many sales as possible from the paper, with many hopeful mummies and daddies entering kids of all ages.

I went along to the shoot, which was held in the middle of town, they had diffrent locations on diffrent dates and this was my local one. It was very busy with about 20 people in fount and a huge line behind. This seemed to go very slow, because there was only one photographer and one person filling in the forms, ie name, adress and arranging a preview of the photos.

Only 3 photos where taken durring this, Luckily for me, leo takes after his mum and can take a picture in the first few shoots. However there were some poor kids, which were being forced to have there pictures, who could not smile and where in tears just having to pose and be without mummy, needless to say the que was held up!

I headed along to the preview, this is where you pick the image you want to go into the echo for people to vote for you. I ended up picking the photo below, as I just loved the pose.

I am not going to lie, I was pretty worried about the photo's because leo has a rare skin condition called Virtiligo which effects the pigment in his skin. He has it all over his body but he has what I call panda eyes around his eyes and mouth. I am not sure if the pictures went under and kind of editing process, I was a little worried in case they did because I wanted the images to look natural. Having done some modelling I have seen some images come back from the photographers who have been edit crazy and the photo does not look anything like me!

Over all I was very happy with all the photo's, Leo really wanted me to get these photos as he wanted to put them on his wall, so I am guessing that he was very happy with them. He has very low self confidence and I guess these boast his confidence. So I bought the photos cost me £109 fir 3 prints, a disk of the 3 prints, which meant I could use where ever. I am not so sure how the copy right works on that though because from my understanding as a model, you never really own the full copy right, unless you buy out all rights to the photographer which could cost 100's if not more.

Which do you think of the photo's ?

Some of you may ask why I have not named the photographer/company who took these and that is because I read some legal stuff on them, and they were not happy about another bloggers review on them. So I do not want to get into a pickle. If you want to know more then send me a email direct.

Needless to say, Leo did not win child of the year. This was down to votes and depending on how many you got.

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