Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sainsburys White Chocolate And Raspberry Gateau

I was in my local Sainsbury's and stumbled upon this, It offered not one of my favourite things but two! White chocolate and raspberry in a nice gateau ,what more could i ask for?

I could not wait to try it, but i was staying at my mums so i managed to get in the freezer! Once i was home, i took it out right away and left it to de frost. Which was a lot quicker than i thought it would be.

Once out of the packet i was greeted by this, at least i can say they have not been tight and had added lots of white chocolate flakes on top! The outer wrapping was polystyrene , which was very thick and secured the gateau well. However the base of this is a round cardboard piece which the gateau is sitting on, which meant, that the two were not attached and made it hard to pick up and use.

Once out of the packet, the cake looks like this, i had a hard time getting the polystyrene off, with out half the topping coming off or sides. I thought the cake would be quite firm but the outing is very light and fluffy a bit like a moose.

Once cut you could see the lovely textures and lay-ours inside the cake , it is very easy to cut and does not seem to full apart like some others do. The taste of this is very nice, however its hard to pick up the white chocolate in anything other than the flakes on the side and top of this gateau, It is very much like eating a moose sponge. It has fantastic raspberry flavoring, however for my personal tastes i would of liked it to be a lot stronger.  This really was not sickening and you could alot more than one slice!

Click here to view the Sainsbury's range.

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