Thursday, 3 January 2013

My top 4 Next Fashion Picks.

I am currently loving the new items on Next right now, but i wanted to show you 4 of my favourite items so far!

Bird Print Jersey Lace Dress , Chiffon Cream Bow Top , Black Jersey Maxi Dress, Oh LaLa Sweater

I picked the Bird Print dress because, it can be worn on many occasional and can be dressed up or down by adding a pair of class heals, a clutch bag and some Perls. The chiffon cream bow top , would look amazing with Jeans, or boot cut trousers depending on your look, for a work feel why not add a black jacket like this one ( Black jacket).

The Jersey Maxi dress would also be a great thing to have in any wardrobe because it can be used and styled to create many outfits, why not add a belt, heals and a sparkly necklace to add a evening glam feel. Too tone it down add some sandals like these.

I am in love with the Oh La La sweater in this pink colour, this is available in pink and Gray, however the Gray goes up to the larger size 26 size, where as the pink one stops at a 22. Which is a shame, other wise i would of bought one! - This sweater would look fantastic with some blue comfy jeans, and heals.

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  1. great picks! i love the lacey dress... super pretty! xx:)


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