Thursday, 10 January 2013

Madagascar Live Bournemouth Bic 10/1/2013

I bought tickets for Leo and I to attend the opening night of Madagascar Live in the Bournemouth Bic.

I had seen this being advertised for the past few months, however had not really thought much about it, as the ticket price's had really put me off at £35 each (Yes each, that is also the price for a child!) So £70 later Leo and i wrapped up warm and headed to the Bic.

No matter where i take Leo, i always try and get Isle seats, because its hard to predict how Leo will deal with things like this, so a quick exist may be needed. Before we attended this Leo's mood was all over the place, with him refusing to come, and saying he didn't want to see it (Yet he had been asking me too see it when he saw the posters) when Leo is in this mood, your best to ignore him and carry on.

I picked up my tickets at the box office, which was very easy, just handed over my card and then had to sign a slip for them to check its me, and they gave me the tickets i ordered for Disney's Beauty And The Beast next month, which i have wanted to see for ages!

Ones that was done, we headed to the loo, there was a 5minuet call, so we got a rush on and headed to the auditorium, where i was surprised to see a lot of spaces free.I thought that maybe it was due to no one knowing if this was a real performance or what, as the website and leaflets do not share anything.

View from our seats.
Leo looking puzzled.

As the lights went down and the show began to start, everyone got very existed and started cheering, and then Bang the curtains opened, to show this amazing set, very bright, colourful and showing off the Zebra, who then introduced all the other animals onto the stage.

The show went on with singing and dancing, and lots of bright colours, loud music. There was a scene after this one, where the animals are in a subway after they escape from the zoo. You then head to the ship where the animals have been placed in containers.

Animals trapped!
This ship scene was very well put together and used the lights and video to add effects to the play, They showed clips of the penguins sneaking on top deck and taking control of the ship, then went back to the stage to show them in the control room steering the ship, to then go back to the video to show that the animals falling into the sea. The use of lighting was very dramatic.
The animals washed up on Madagascar Island not nothing where they were and trying to find each other, they then found King Julien XIII who then ended the first act saying " I like to Move It".

Leo During the 20min brake.
Leo eating his yummy treats.
There was a 20min interval which meant mummy's and daddy's got to spend heaps of money, spoiling there children. We had a loo brake and i ended up getting Leo a pack of mistrals and him a pepsi and a pepsi for myself which came too £8.00 - I then spent £4.00 on popcorn! Blimey rip off if you ask me, when i just spent £70 on tickets! 

We sat back in our seats ready for act two! - Again the curtains opened to a wonderful magical colourful scene with all the animals and King Julien XIII.

We were greeted By "Move It" again, all kids favourite song, they just love to sing along and dance, however it didn't seem that the audience where going to get evolved which is a shame. 

The next scene was very scary for some kids and they ended up crying, the lights were out and there were green eyes, larking on stage as Alex (the lion) was vanished from King Julien XIII's area, which was meant to be his plan! Alex then fights and scares them all way.

 They all celebrate and have a peach party!


Over all I really enjoyed this, I not to sure it was worth £70 for the 2 of us, I guess it cost a lot due to the set, and costumes, but I am sure Disney Beauty And The Beast will be as good as this show, if not better, and was £32 for Leo and I - so £38 cheaper! I will let you know in February when i go to see it.

Click here to view Madagascar Live Tour Dates.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this and for posting pictures. I was thinking about taking my son to see this but was put off by the fact that there were no pictures of the actual show on the website. I kind of suspected it might be people in costume though. Glad we didn't go now - it doesn't look worth it.

    1. Your welcome, I was a little Disappointed im not going to lie i was hoping it was going to be full costume, pre recorded amazing show, however the set was amazing, some of the singing was amazing, just they didn't all have pitch perfect songs, the price tag is something i would pay for in a top west end, however too see this again for £70 never! - I am sure some people will enjoy it, its a shame they couldnt tell you more info about the produ

    2. * Ran out of room -

      Shame they couldn't tell you more about the production before people went ahead and saw it, The money for this production all went on the scene and lighting, and probably for use of the name.

  2. We really enjoyed it, and I was really surprised that Eliza sat through it.
    I thought the sets and the costumes were amazing, and yes it wasn't what I was expecting, although I am not sure what I was to be honest.
    We were really lucky to be sat at the front and almost got acosted by a couple of the characters. I cannot believe you paid so much for tickets _ i have seen them much cheaper!!


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