Saturday, 12 January 2013

lindt swiss luxury selection - Review.

I was in my local Tesco and i had £5 christmas money, so i thought i would treat myself to a box of chocolates.

I picked the Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection as it was £5 and i am a huge fan of Lindor chocolate truffles!
Lindt Chocolate Truffles!
So i picked up the big box of Gold chocolate and could not wait to get home and try these beauty's, its not often i can afford chocolate, and i normally have to go to the shops own brand, which just does not taste the same!

When i finally got inside the little packet of goldness, i found More gold and a beautiful looking book, detailing what is inside the chocolates. As with most chocolates a layer of soft tissue spongy stuff (No idea what its called) , just to add to the effect of Luxury, and to give a little tease.

Under you have another yummy view and teaser session, as there is yet another layer of see threw plastic film with Lindt printed on it. There is 2 of each chocolates so you are spoilt for choice.

The booklet is very detailed and there is no way you will have to measure and re check you have picked up the correct chocolate like some of the other box's you get. Taste wise these are very smooth, have lots of flavor, I'm just not so keen on all the flavors. Would i pick this again? Probably not, i would stick to the truffles!

These retail for - £9-£12  unless you find them on offer else where.

Check out Lindt's website here

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