Friday, 11 January 2013

Ideal Review!

I jumped at the chance to review Ideal Cases , which fuelmyblog had offered me to do. I had been trying to get product review for months from FuelMyBlog, and not having much luck that i was starting to think it was not worth applying anymore!

I got a email saying i had been selected to review Ideal Cases so headed over to the website, to be meet with a stylish easy to use page, which showed you examples of phone cases you can make! I could not wait to start.

I headed into the site and selected the item i wanted to make a case for  - Ideally i would of loved to get a case for a Kindle Hd fire, however hey do not offer a case for this yet, which is a shame. So i picked a Samsung S3 case.

I then picked my design, and then you got to the fun part, making the case! - This was simple to use and used a template, which colours and backgrounds, there were different choices all the way, you could pink a blank canvas to let your creative side run wild , or a template. I picked to do it all on my own! - I am not going to lie, i did struggle working out how to get the images to fit the photo frame, however i got there in the end.

This is my final design, it took about 20mins to make, However i found it hard to match up the bows and i was hoping they may see this and do it for me, however they didn't, but i still love it. I am very disappointed though , that i was not able to customize the front flip or the sides this would of made it a lot more personal and fun! - This design came to around £22 including p+p

I got a email to say that this order had gone threw and was being sent, it arrived with in a day or 2 and i was amazed with how nice it looked! I could not wait to see how it looked.

Front Flip cover

My Design

case and fit on phone.
Over all the case fitted the phone perfectly, it added something unique to my phone and the flip cover is really handed. I was surprised that the feel of the case is quite hard, i was thinking it would be silicone however its not its a bendy plastic feeling material.

The case fitted around the phone and allowed the phone to be able to be used, unlike some covers that restrict usage, and you have to take off to charge!

Overall this case is really good quality and is usable, i would recommend this. Only thing i would like to change is being able to be creative with the whole case not just the back. I would of also of liked to of been able to have more choice in colour ( all though i love pink, i would of liked a much stronger one or a coral colour.) I would of also liked to be able to line up the bows or other items so they matched. I would of also liked to of been able to add some sparkle to my phone cover, or had the option for a glitter background.

Check out Ideal Cases here

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