Thursday, 3 January 2013

Blogger Comp-Pets Win Praises

The MoneySupermarket pet insurance team are asking bloggers to write a post about what their cat or dog will do for treats. Whether it's rolling over, playing dead or fetching the newspapers, they want to see the clever things your pets will do to be rewarded by seeing a photo or video of your canine or feline in action.
Win: There are two prize categories; one for cats and one for dogs. The winning bloggers will win a £250 Pets At Home voucher, a luxury dog/cat bed and a treat hamper tailored to their pet.
Just write a blog post about what your cat or dog will do for treats, including photos, videos or both. Send the link to your entry via email to with 'Pets Win Praises' in the subject line.

My two cats, abby and daisy, are always up to no good. I re homed both cats and they both come with naughty habits!

Abby getting my attention!
To get my attention, weather it be getting food, or going out, abby will climb, knock things over, jump many times from somewhere high up, to land on my bed with a massive thud, knock over things, scratch furniture , or do anything possible just to get me to pay her attention, fead her or let her out! - I have tried ignoring her when shes doing it, tried saying abby when she does it. She knows shes being naughty , and normally stops and runs away if i get up after i have said her name!  As it is, she gets fead tinned meet twice a day, and there is always water and cat crunchy down, so shes just trying to get the nice tinned food. She never will miss waking me up at 2.30am to let her out, then meows and claws the window to get back in at 5, to only want to go out again at 6! - If This is not a trick to get a treat i dont know what is?

Daisy is still under a year old, but is also a cheeky monkey and copy's abby, which is a total nightmare, also daisy used the christmas tree to get leo (my son) and I's attention, when ever she wanted something she played with it and climbed up it, so i ended up taking it down! - She also jumps on work tops, climbs the curtain.

Both cats , run about and chase each other as well, just to get my attention, as soon as  i give them some food they are happy and go to sleep!

If i was to win, that would be amazing, because would mean i could treat my cats to a big massive cat activity tree, which i am hoping will give them alot more fun as the balls do not seem to be too much fun! - Id also treat them with some gourmet cat food as i know they go crazy for it!

Does your cat or dog do anything to get your attention?

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  1. Cute cat!! Happy new year!


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