Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bathtime Buddies Wet n Stick - Sainsbury's review

I was in my local Sainsbury's and I was looking for something fun for leo to try out in the bath, it is hard work getting him to go in the bath, so needed something fun, which I must admit, a lot of places lack in bath time fun. Where have all the kids toys for bath time gone?

My local Sainsburys have a few bath colour crayons (which I am a bit worried to use) and these Bathtime Buddies wet n stick letters (Which I happened to pick up for £3). Everything else, is kids bubble bath, which leo is not able to use due to his skin condition as most is not deontology tested.

I picked up the bathtime buddies wet n stick letters and headed to the till, Once i picked leo up after school, I showed him the little treat I had bought to make his bath much more fun, we agreed we would have early dinner ( I normally cook right after school, so he has it about 4-4.30pm, then may have a snack later on). After dinner we got ready and hopped into the bath.

Leo emptied out the letters into the bath, and then began to try and spell out words, which is fantastic because leo struggles with spellings and gets letters round the wrong way. He is behind in his class, which must be hard for a 7yr old.

Leo Finds it hard to get his letters around the correct way, or even know they correct, These will be very good for those mummies and daddies who get given a homework book from school, with lots of spellings the kids need to learn. You could do bath time and home work at the same time, but in a fun way! These letters are bright colours, well made and float. The only down side is there is not enough of the letters to make more words, so maybe more packs will be needed?


  1. my eldest has always struggled with spelling and reading too and he loved the bath letters at leos age, infact he still likes them now but doesn't let on so much ;)

  2. Bath Time is a Great time to let the Kids Learn while they are having a great time, found the Crayons fun for writing too.


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