Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Accessorize 4D Nails - Lilac Sorbet

Today I went on a shopping trip, because i have been ill, i have not been able to get about or even do much during the last 4weeks, as leo had eye test and hearing test so i had to get my ass into town.

I ended up looking around the sales, and did not really find anything worth having.

I headed into my local super drug, as i wanted to see if they had any Xmas bargains left over, which they didn't :(

However i stumbled across this -

I thought it looks pretty cool and wanted to try it out, priced at only £4.00 you could go go wrong.

I headed over to my mums for dinner, as my nan and grandad are currently staying , so i roped my nan out to being a model!

I started out applying the 2 coats of pink varnish as was required and as still wet sprinkled the glitter beads onto the nails and then allowed it to dry. While my nans dyed i applied the varnish to my nails.
Once Done and we had allowed the nails to try, we thought we would put it to the test, so we did some washing up, used the laptop and did normal things for 3hrs to see if these lasted.

I found that the balls do not feel ruff on my nails or seem to catch onto anything, however i noticed that some started to come away, so it may be in need of some sort of top coat too keep it in place.

I Also did not see that it mattered what nail base you had in place as your can not really see the pink over the balls. These are simple and easy to do yourself. Alot of product could be lost if you do not do it over something like a box (I used the packaging to collect and do my balls over and then put them back into the jar).

I am a fan of these and may buy other colors, but will try with a top coat next time. Also i would love to try this as a tip on the nail other than the whole nail.

Have you tried this what do you think?


  1. Lovely nail polish!

  2. Wow... looks very cool. Reminds me of hundreds and thousands. Yum!!! Aaliyah xXx


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