Sunday, 9 December 2012

Skylanders Blogger Challenge!

When i saw this post posted on Madhouse Family's Blogger, just couldn't wait to share it with leo (my 7yr old son). He is Skylander crazy! I bought nearly all the first lot of skylanders, and have been getting nagged to death about getting him the new giants game. Iv kept him waiting since it was release in October  with the promise with father xmas getting it! However, since this comp has come about , i couldn't wait to tell him, and hes super existed and really wants to win this, so father xmas can get him Pokepark2 (another of his obsessions)

So what did we come up with? - well after hours and hours of sketching and talking about it, from magic rainbows, horse's. fish, mermaids we came up with -

Tiger Sharp, fits in wonderfully into the skylander gang and has so many great features. We can up with the tiger because leo is in love with lions and all things tigers, and his fav toy other than skylanders is tigger ( from  winnie the pooh) - so with that in mind we came up with a cute and cuddly tiger, however he has many dangerous and existing powers which makes him stand out from the crowed!

Those who have played skylanders, know that the skylanders love there hats - so we made tiger sharp his very own hat - Not just any hat but a super light beam crown, in which his enemies will turn into statues! - scary stuff.

This Skylander also has something better than all the rest! - he has a protector called FLY EYES , who will help and guide Tiger Sharp as he makes he way threw the worlds.

Last but not least Tiger Sharp has super claw's which he can shoot at enemies to clear his path as he continues on his quest!

So what do you think of leo's idea???

Have a better idea? - enter the Tot100 blogger challenge, and get yourself on the "Team Skylanders"

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*Please note all work is my own 9/12/2012


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