Sunday, 16 December 2012

PKTMNY Website Review and Wishlist.

I was asked by BritMums and Pkymny to take part and review the website. I was very happy to take part as i had heard about the website (via my grandad of all people) and thought it was about time leo had his own pre paid card, and was able to get used to the idea of money.

I had been thinking about setting up leo his own bank account to enable him to get use to the idea (other wise like me, come 16 when he can have his money i am saving and again his trust fund when hes 18, he will spend it like water). This opportunity really couldn't come at a better time.

So what is PKYMNY?

This is set from the parent account, you can add and change tasks and how much the kid will earn that week and for what tasks.
  • Pre Paid card which can be used in cash machines, shops and online
  • Set amount for pocket money each week (Leo's is set at £1.00)
  • Set Task's for your child to earn the pocket money weekly (see image to see how leo earns his)
  • Able to control, how much your child can spend
  • Able to control usage in cash machines, online and in store ( set the kids a 5.00 limit monthly)
  • This is how Leo's Screen looks once hes logged in, shows how much he has and how much he has left till he hits his target!
  • Kids are able to make there own wish List and have tools to show them how much they need till they reach their goal!
 Thats it really, it really is simple as 1-2-3. I am yet to use it with Leo in the shops. I am not going to lie i have found the site hard to use at times, but now i no what I'm doing, its pretty easy. The owners are always fast to reply and seem really nice.

I am also going to compare the site not only for Leo (age 7) but i will be reviewing how my sister gets on with her account (age 13 with A.D.H.D) - who we would never normally intrust with a card of any type, however this gives us the limits and controls needed to control the situation, so i will keep you posted on that.

In the mean time click here to find out more about PKYMNY

I would also love the chance to enter the PKTYMNY Linky to win £250, this would be amazing with Christmas coming up and the sales. There is so much Leo wants to do with his bed room, ie make it in to a big boys room. Since we moved into the flat in FEB i just have not had the funds to do up his room! He is desperate to have his own room painted in anything other than white, and often in the store wants items i simply cant buy.

So what would Leo want with the £250 , well this is what hes just told me : -

His first choice would be this amazing cool bed or something like it, he currently has a bunk bed, but he has horrible night terrors and falls out of the bed, even if hes on the lower bunk. Ideally i would of got him a new bed by now, but simply can not afford it. He says he would use the £250 if we wont to firstly buy himself a new bed, so he didn't hurt himself!

Low bed, currently on offer at £205.23 (means leo would have some money left over) click here to view

Leo's other wishlist items are :-

Clone Wars Boarder £15.96per roll click here to view

Blue paint £19.59 2.5l click here to view  

Desk Lamp £29.99 click here to view
Not a bedroom Item i no, but we have no cupboards so all things like this get kept in the bedroom. £19.99 click here


  1. Wow, that would be a lovely room makeover. Commenting on behalf of BritMums


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