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Pet suppliers GJW Titmuss Blogger Challenge!

I saw that Madhouse Family Reviews had entered another fabulous bloggers challenge, so i thought i would enter myself!

GJW TITMUSS set blogger the challenge. Bloggers had £200 (pretend) to spend on a Christmas stocking for their pets.

I picked my two cats. So a little about my animals. I moved in my flat in Feb 2012, and was told the only animals my son and i could have was cats (we were very sad as wanted a doggie) however we went on the hunt for a little friend. (We lived with my mum before who had 5 cats , 2 dogs, 20+ chickens, meant it was a shock for us to be alone).

abbey when she first moved in, pulling down the curtains.

I looked at a few adds online and never really saw any animals i really wanted, and the ones i did like were very over priced selling at £200 each. So i stuck in there. Then one day, i looked online and found at a 14month old cat needed a new home because the owners were unable to keep her and she was left all day with out anyone. I headed off to view her a few days later, and when i saw her, i new i could give her the love she hadn't had at her place. She was very scared, very thin and didn't really like picking up. I was advised that she couldn't have wet food, only dry and not on beds. Too the hell with that i thought, and i bought her home, and gave her a tin of whiskers i had bought, ready for our new family member! - she ate it with in seconds. for the first few days she was hiding under the sofa, however i kept pulling her out and giving her a cuddle! However things seemed to go from bad to worse, as she kept weeing everywhere and i was told, she was a indoor cat, and seeing as they lived on the 3rd floor flat, i assumed she had never been out. Abbey was climbing the walls, and weeing everywhere, that in the end i just opened up the window and let her out! - That was the best Idea for her! She goes out daily now!
Abbey and leo having cuddles

After abbey had settled in, and didn't seem to like my son leo (age 7) very much, and seemed to sleep most of the day when she wasn't out on my bed. I thought it was time, i got another cat for leo, to enable him to have bed time cuddles with and share his love. So i headed onto a facebook for sale page, to find someone was giving away 9week old kittens! Amazing i thought as i was able to give the little one a new home and bring her up, with lots of cuddle times with leo and as abbey was still young will be easier to bring  the kitten in.

At the weekend, with out me seeing the kitten first, the kitten was dropped of at my place. She was stunning and had cute white socks on. She didn't seem to be as scared as abbey had been when we first got her, but daisy did seem to meow for a small while.

Having never had a kitten on my own before (without my mum there) i kept her in the lounge with food and water close buy, and allowed abbey to eat in the hall way (a dirty tray was not needed because she now went outside :) ) The next few weeks, i let abbey in the room with daisy and i, and they would growl at each other.

abbey and daisy 
However 3-4 months later things can not be any better both cats are very happy and even lie next to each other on bed. Daisy also loves leo (my son) very much, and will spend all night on his bed and be there when he wakes up. Abbey and daisy do have times when they fight and bite each other, but its as though its a game. So happy i have them both, they make our family complete!

Because i class the cats as my family i thought they deserve everything if not more for Christmas so i choose

Fleece lined hooded cat bed , 90cm triple tier activity center , Whiska's Complete dry food , gourmet solitaire cat food , kitekat jelly cans , cat milk ,  whiskas cat treats , Frountline Spot on  , Ancol velvet glitter collar , Sheba Tin

with - 14p left spare!

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