Friday, 7 December 2012

London Plus Size Fashion Weekend!

Finally at last a weekend for all us plus size women! - I am a huge fan of events like the Clothes Show , however i am always disappointed because the event is mainly aimed at smaller girls - size 8 - 16. Normally if i attend this event, i stick out, and end up with bitchy girls giving me evil eye, or making sly remarks as they push there way threw the endless crowds of people, trying to get the best deals on the stands,  as if i don't have the right to attend such events, or buy any of the products. 

I am so happy that this event is taking place and there will be so many like minding people at the event. Since i have been modelling and blogging and being the largest model there probably is in the Uk,  i have meet some wonderful company's and people along the way. - Yes it is a small world as the hand full of girls always attend the same events and apply for the same castings. However we all have the same idea in our minds, healthy , positive thinking and confidence with in ourselves to promote the plus size brand. 

I was very existed when i heard about this event, because they are looking for "real" plus size women, to take part in the fashion show, and promote plus size women, how they should be promoted. Luckily for me being a size 28-32 i have always been promoted in a positive way, yet i see other models allot smaller than me, being promoted badly in a un healthy way. This event can change that, and help other plus size women , feel confident and sexy. 

London Plus Size Weekend, is going to be a fantastic fun weekend, for all plus size Women to get together. Meet new people, check out the latest plus size must have's with the fashion show, shop until you drop with the Market Place. There will also be a Styling Master class, to help you style yourself into the new year, and create looks to suite your body shape!
If you have a heap of clothes, and want to get something new, why not bring your items to the Swap Shop, and swap for something else in your size!

Not all of the details have be released yet, so please keep a eye out their website and my blog.

The Company

London Plus-size fashion weekend has been foundered by Remi Ray and partnered by Evolve International media, both companies believe in the progression of the plus-size industry .
Trapped in a skinny world is a blog owned by a very ambitious young individual named Remi Ray who started her blog as a former student that struggled to be accepted into that fashion world because of her look not being socially accepted, Remi Ray is now in the process of creating her own capsule collection and various other projects that can help other plus-size women to be comfortable in their own skin. Trapped in a skinny world is viewed by a min of 200 a day and has been viewed by other 130,000 and is still growing.
Evolve International Media LTD is a lifestyle brand that has been created for the plus size community and embodies products and services that cover Health, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Self Empowerment, owned by Rianne Ward with the flagship product Evolve Magazine the UK’s #1 Online Magazine for Curvy women. Launched in December 2010, it has rapidly become the GO -To magazine for fashion, beauty, events and health & lifestyle ALL tailor-made just for the BEAUTIFUL curvy woman. Evolve is currently read by over 1000 readers per day and has exceeded 800,000 views since 2010 and is still growing.

Click Here to view London Plus Size Weekends website, and keep up to date with the event.


  1. This would be so cool to attend!

  2. Amazing! seems like lots of oppurtunities for plus size models in london!

    Anne Bancroft.

    1. Yes lots of Plus size things for all plus size people. Thing i love most about this event, is that everyone was able to apply for the casting even if they had not done it before!


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