Thursday, 13 December 2012

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers Review

I was very happy to be sent these answer buzzers to review from Learning Resources.

They are Colourful, Bright and very fun! - These Buzzers are for children ages 3-12yrs (although  my sister is 13 and loves these). These small little bundles of fun are very unique and i have not seen anything like these. They are little add ons to make games much more fun! - they make noise's ie "ding dong" when pressed! - so you may be a household that just loves quiz's and get the whole family involved- if so these will be right up your street!

These bundle of joys cost around £18, however i have seen them on other websites  for £23.99  - click here to buy

However Learning Resources is offering 5 lucky people to get there hand on a set of these! click here to head to their facebook page!

These buzzers take 2 AAA  batteries each! - which is a wopping 8 AAA batteries!! - so this also adds up to the cost :(

over all i would recomend to everyone , and not just family's but schools too!

Click here to view Learning Resources website

Click here to view Learning Resources facebook page

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