Saturday, 8 December 2012

JLS raise money for cancer - win a day with JLS

JLS have set up a charity called "JLS Foundation", As its Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The boys hope that with the help of thier fans they can raise enough money (the boys hope to make 2million, in 2 years) to fund Cancer Research's Study's.

You are able to leave a donation for as little as £1 and can send it via credit, debit, paypal, text or free post. 

 One lucky winner and four of their friends will socialise with JLS in Spring 2013. They will get to watch the sound check of a secret gig from one of the group's favourite artists, enjoy a Nando's lunch with JLS themselves, choose their favourite song which the band will then personally serenade them with, and finally get to watch the big secret gig at the O2 in their very own private box, with JLS for company! Oh, and to really finish the evening in style, they will get an overnight stay at the Trafalgar Hotel too.

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