Friday, 28 December 2012

Center Parcs and Tots100 Elf Blogger Challenge

When I saw this challenge on Tots100, i just had to enter, to win a family holiday at Center Parcs would be amazing. Having only been to Center Parcs once when i was very young and it was my stepdads and mums honey moon, id love to win this to treat them!

The last few years have been very hard for all of us, but mainly my mum who has Kidney Disease, Heart problems and high blood pressure, as well as that she looks are my sister who has A.D.H.D and helps me look after my son Leo who is currently being tested for it as well as other behavioral and educational needs. On top of that she runs after everyone and looks after the home on her own as my stepdad lives and works away all week.

It is hard for me to make a poem about Elf's so i will try my best.

Every year for christmas, we all dress up, this year we all dressed as Elf's and my brother came as santa, even the dogs wanted to take part!

If your a Blogger why not enter here

Ends 4pm 28th December 2012

What makes the perfect Elf's?

Some say Elf's do not exist
But there always checking santas List,
Making sure no one is ever missed.
Whos good or naughty they will decide 
They are always buy santas side.  
They are always hiding inside, 
Building and make presents all day
the time just seems to slide away.

Being a Elf is really rare, 
You might find some with out any hair, 
They may not even know what to wear, 
Infact they like there feet to be bare 
They even hate to curl there hair, 
However they do love to share, 
And they do really care.

Being a Elf really is the best, 
They really are put to the test, 
However they feel really blessed
And have lots of success,
Oh I am a perfect Elf i must impress.  



  1. I love your photos, with a whole family of elves of course you had to enter :-) Good luck with the competition.

  2. those photos are just amazing! You have done really well with the poem too. xxx

  3. thanks for share.


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