Monday, 31 December 2012

Celcus 22inch Tv.

I had a nice little gift from christmas, a amazing PINK tv! - Anyone who knows me, will know just how much i love pink, and i mean love! I just cant get enough of it! If i had my way everything and anything would be Pink!

I had wanted to get a pink tv for ages, but always found it hard to find one, mainly because they were all small 15" tv's, which would be ok if it was going in a small girls room. However mine was to go in the lounge!

The biggest Pink Tv they make that i have seen so far is a 22"by Celcus , so luckily for me, my wish was granted and i got one!

This Tv is amazing, very bright and i love how it has free view and a dvd player built in! Yet i have not worked out the Dvd part of it yet. It was very easy to install free view and lots more channels than i had on my old box! I also have a blu ray, which i will review on another post, as i am yet to test it! The Tv is Hd so should look amazing on films.

It is very small, and compact, most of the cables are on the side, or to the right, with easy to see lables as to what goes where. I was a little sad that the remote (not the one pictured) is a white color and not pink like the Tv.

Mine was bought from Sainsbury's for £119.99 bargin! click here to view

Brand wise, i had not heard of Ceclus before, but So far i have no issues with them.

Ideally i would like a bigger pink tv for my lounge, so if you no anyone who makes bright pink Tv's bigger than 22" please let me know!

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  1. Very girly! Happy new year


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