Saturday, 22 December 2012

15 Stone Babies Review

I was at home wondering what to watch, and looked on the 40D channel and found 15stone babies.

I have heard about this before and spoke to a few guys who are into this, i have always found it odd that people would want to dress up as children or in some case's change sex and be baby's.

This documentary follows the life of 1 20's something girl who likes to play a 5-6yr old and her boyfriend who is her "daddy" but wish's her to play younger. Personally I would tell him to take a hike! If this girl wants to be a 5-6yr old and is happy and comfortable to play that age, why should the so called boy friend try and force her to be younger? Does anyone else find this pervy?

The other is a married couple who have been together 20yrs , the wife changes his nappy's and they have also invited others into the home, to make some cash out of adult baby minding.

The show also shows a range of other baby's sharing there experiences in short little clips. 

Personally i find this whole situation weird. I do not see how anyone can find it attractive or want to act in this way.

Click here to view and let me know your thoughts.

Do you like to be a baby or know anyone who does?

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