Friday, 23 November 2012

Barrats blogger challenge

 Evans Lace Dress , Barratts Glitter heel , Lunar sequin Bow Bag

I was asked to enter Kel Love's Barretts Blogger Challenge , So here is my entry for It.

I have chosen to make a Christmas Day outfit, as i love to look glam. I have picked the Evans Swan by Clements Ribeiro lace dress because lace is very in, and its a fantastic party dress, and can be dressed up or down, and a belt can be added if needed. This dress is a size 14-32 and is £95.I wanted to add the  Glitterati glitter heels by Barratts  to add a splash of colour, i love all things pink and sparkly so this was a bonus! The heal isn't to high so you would be able to wear all day.


  1. Thanks for your entry - if you like pink and sparkly they are definitely the right shoes! :)
    Kel x

  2. I like these shoes! didn't notice them before!


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