Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ocean Spray 100% Juice Drink!

I was very lucky to be asked by Ocean Spray to be one of the 10 bloggers they picked to try there new 100% Juice drinks in there new flavours Cranberry, Mix Fruits and Blueberry!

I have had ocean spray before, but its not normally something i would add into my shopping trolley. So trying these out was really worth it for me.

I headed to my local waitrose, about 3 times before i was able to get my 3 bottles of the new juice, due to the fact that, once the bottles were in the fridge they were gone! I headed to my waitrose one day after i finished work, as i had time to kill before i had to pick up my son from school. I noticed that they had stocked some more Ocean Spray Juice. I dived into my handbag, to make sure i had the coupons that i was sent, to find i had left them at home.

I then came back the very next day with the coupons in hand! Too find that they had sold out! - Gr... so after a few attempts and about 2 weeks of waiting i managed to get some!

However my local waitrose only stock cranberry and blueberry. which was sad as i really wanted to try out the mix fruits. So i went on to get too cranberry (one for my mum ) and one blueberry. I headed to pick my son up from school, once we were home, i wiped out the juice and poured the blueberry (neither of us are a fan) - however not telling my son what it was, he drank it and wanted more said he liked it. I then took a sip and i was very very surprised.

The 2 bottles of cranberry and blueberry were gone before i could a image and show you! Also the one i gave my mum was gone the night i gave it too my mum.

This week i headed off into tesco, as i saw there was a sale on line and wanted to see if they had the item in store (they didn't) , so on the way out i saw Mix fruits! so i got existed and picked it up. Again with in 30mins my whole family had drunk it!

Needless to say the juice is very tasty, light and smooth. The flavour isn't to rich but not week like some juice is.

The only down side is this is a chilled drink, so unless you have room for it in the fridge its pointless buying it.. or more than 1 litre at a time!

More about the Juice -

The  new 100% juice contains, funnily enough, 100% juice  
 250ml serving one of your five a day
100% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. 

How much is the Juice? - 

Its about £2.29 for 1 litre. 

However there is some great deals on at the moment, waitrose is offering 2 for £3

Also look out for the Promo bottles where Ocean Spray are letting you try it for free.Buy a bottel send your valid till reciept and get 2.29 back! - Only 1 per house hold!

 Click here to view Ocean Spray's website

Click here to view Ocean Spray's Facebook

* I will be back to post images of the Juice once i buy some more. :)

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