Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gift Voucher's Blogger Challenge.

I was set the challenge by Gift Vouchers, ( who believe , whether you are on a budget or unsure of what to get someone, gift vouchers makes sure they are never disappointed) to come up with at least 5 gifts under £35 including p+p which i felt where the best gifts to get!

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so here is what i came up with -

 High Styler Highlighters!

Fantastic Cute Looking, highlighters, these look like nail polishes and are really cute, would look amazing on anyone's desk and would make a fantastic gift.

luscious Yellow, zingy Orange, passionate Pink and tropical Blue

£6.99 + £1.95 p+p
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Social Shower Curtain

Amazing Shower curtain, for Facebook lovers out there, who really can not be apart from it for too long. Has a Pvc window so you can pop your head in as profile image! I could have hours of fun with this!

£14.49 + £1.95 p+p

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Scented Rubbers!

Fun rubbers which will make other people jealous. These rubbers are fun and fruity!

'Milk Carton' packaging. Includes Fruit Juice, Strawberry, Grape, Chocolate and Milk.

£5 + £3.99 p+p

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Children's Art File and Frame

Found this wonderful gift, which holds and displays the kids drawings. My 7yr old son always comes home with many drawings and most end up in the bin. Is will be handy for, mums, dads and nanny's and grandads!

£24.95 + £4.95 p+p

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 Personalised Family Tree Print

This gift is amazing and personal to each family . You can print up to 6names on each tree! You can choose the colour which is used as the background, so will go in any room!As well as the printable names on each tree you can also add a special message ie "The Dunn Family"

£28.95 +2.75 p+p

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Personalised Family Time Line

Another Amazing gift idea, is this family time line, which allows you to mark important dates. Can choose colour to adapt to your home.

£26.95 +2.95 p+p

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