Friday, 28 September 2012

Next Comp - Tickets To The Look Show

Oh wow, have just seen that Next are offering a blogger 2 tickets and Travel to London's The Look Show!

This would be amazing to win these tickets. I have not been out in such a long time, and my friend and i have planned to go out that evening. However we both arranged childcare for the day, so this would be a amazing surprise for her (shes 30 with 3 boys) , would be a way to give her a little treat. - Work for me and treat for her. I would feel so privileged to be chosen to cover this event on my blog, so that those who can not make it will see have a taste of my day!

So what would i wear to the event well i would put on my Lovely Pink top which i featured on another blog, which i picked up from Next. However they dont offer it online :(

If i had been paid i would splash out on this stunning dusty Pink Bag from Next! which is £32.00

I would also buy this amazing bow jumper, because i would probally freeze otherwise! £25

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