Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Next top!

I headed to my Local Next, to see what items they had in store.

I have always loved Next, and come to realise that the price isn't much different than any other shop like Matalan, Evans or even Tesco.

I headed over to the store, knowing full well that being a plus 28 i would not find anything in store. However i thought i would have a look.

I am currently loving the outfits with in the store and the layout of my local store.

I found this stunning top and really didn't think i had a hope in hells chance of getting it on. As the biggest size they had was a 22. ( however i do own some 22's in cardi's from Tesco and other stores).

I headed to the changing room to find, that the top fitted very very well, and did wonders for my shape! Alot of the time, i pick up a top try it on and it drowns me and makes me look like a tent!

I'm unable to find the top online, and I'm top that this item is a retail only piece , i really suggest you head down to your local Next and pick up this bargain. Cost me £14.

The top did come in another colour black and white, with a white bow, however they didn't have a 22 :(

Find your local store - click here

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  1. I think the pink looks nice,Emma.Yes,you were lucky to fit into it!It's frustrating that there's so much variation with the manufacturer's sizes.
    Love the blog!
    Natalie x


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